Barefoot Lawns is a locally owned and operated lawn care and lawn maintenance specialist serving Meridian, Boise, Caldwell, Nampa, and other communities of the Treasure Valley. With 50 years combined experience in lawn maintenance and tree care, you can rest assured that our qualified lawn technicians are providing great quality care for your trees and lawn.

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Lawn Fertilizer Services Meridian
Regular application of lawn fertilizer helps provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs and is an essential practice if you want your lawn to thrive. A healthy lawn is better able to resist drought and disease, adds to the beauty of your home, and helps reduce water run-off and soil erosion. Our lawn technicians will help determine the best type of fertilizer for your lawn and the appropriate amount needed to produce a beautiful, lush lawn.

Meridian Weed Control
Become the envy of your neighborhood with a weed free lawn, courtesy of weed control by Barefoot Lawns. Our lawn technicians are trained to know about the Treasure Valley's various types of weeds and which method is the best to remove them from your lawn.

Meridian Lawn Aeration
Aeration allows water and fertilizer to reach the grass root zone and break down thatch, allowing your lawn to grow into a lush carpet of grass. Our lawn maintenance technicians use the best aerators available to help increase the health of your lawn. Annual aeration of your lawn is recommended to keep your lawn green and healthy, though we do provide Spring and Fall core aeration upon request.

Grub Control
Barefoot Lawns technicians are also trained to inspect lawns for grub damage and we provide treatment if needed. Symptoms of grub damage in your lawn can resemble that of drought which include thinning, wilting, and yellowing of turf. When we provide grub control, we treat the entire lawn. This helps control larva within the lawn and helps prevent the migration of other grubs from untreated areas. Our technicians provide simple instructions to help maintain your lawn, and subsequent applications are applied at no additional charge.

Pest Control - Spider Barriers
At Barefoot Lawns we don't just care about providing a lush, green lawn but we also offer our clients Spider Barrier spraying around and under your home. Our spider barrier applications are done upon customer request and include at least 4 applications of our child and pet friendly formula that kills spiders. We also are one of the few companies in the Treasure Valley that provide a pest control product that is sprayed into the crawl spaces of your home to help keep your home pest free.

Meridian Lawn Mowing
Looking to achieve that professional manicured lawn? Barefoot Lawns offers weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing. Our highly trained lawn technicians use the best lawn maintenance equipment available to provide a quality, manicured lawn.

Sprinkler Start Up and Blow Out
Don't cause damage to your sprinkler system by not properly preparing for winter or spring. Our professional staff is trained how to handle sprinkler blow outs and start up service. If your system is damaged we can assess the damage and provide a quote. Quality sprinkler work, and your satisfaction, are guaranteed.

Backflow Testing Meridian
If you have a sprinkler system, it's state law to have your backflow assembly properly installed and functioning. The backflow system prevents accidental contamination of irrigation water and drinking water. Call us today to have your backflow assembly tested.

Tree Service
In addition to caring for your lawn, Barefoot Lawns can apply important treatments to the trees in your yard to help ensure that they stay healthy and provide many years of shade, fruit or simply beauty in your yard. Through deep root feedings, disease and insect control, and dormant oil applications, our experienced technicians will help maximize the enjoyment that the trees in your yard provide.

Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Pest Control
  • Tree Services
  • Sprinkler Services