For over three decades Woolf Tree Service has provided Meridian, Idaho and surrounding areas with quality, year-round tree services. Whether you require pruning or trimming, or tree or shrub removal, Woolf Tree Service has the skills and training to provide the solutions you need with the quality you deserve.

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Meridian Tree | Shrub Removal
There are several circumstances where it is necessary to remove a shrub, tree, or other plant. Without proper experience, your property or home can be damaged during the removal. Woolf Tree Service takes great care and precaution when surveying any plant for removal and takes extra precautions to ensure that nearby buildings and plants are not damaged.

Hazardous trees are another situation where you require professional assistance. Woolf Tree Service will work quickly and efficiently to remove any tree that is hazardous to your property. Safety is our utmost concern for both your property and possessions and our employees.

Tree Pruning - Trimming
Woolf Tree Service understands that several things must be taken into account before pruning can begin. Each tree has a different physiology and different techniques must be employed for each species to ensure that the tree continues to grow and remain healthy. Woolf Tree Service also takes into account the entire aesthetic of all your plants, ensuring that you receive a flowing, cohesive pruning for all your trees and shrubs.

Tree Shaping
Woolf Tree Service is experienced in the art of tree shaping while keeping your trees and shrubs healthy and manicured. If you are interested in tree shaping, consult one of our professionals today.

Emergency Tree - Branch Removal
If a tree or large limb has fallen due to weather or an accident, contact Woolf Tree Service immediately. We understand the urgency of removing these limbs and trees and the potential damage they can cause to your family and belongings.

Certified Arborist Services

  • Tree Shaping
  • Stump Removal - Grinding
  • Emergency Services
  • Tree - Shrub Removal
  • Pruning and Trimming